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2005 Defra introduced a requirement for the cremation industry to remove mercury from 50% of cremations. The national target, based on the available science, achieves a proportionate response for removing mercury from cremations, whilst not burdening the bereaved with excessive cost and the possibility of closing of local crematoria.

Along with the 50% target the principle of “burden sharing” was introduced, a process whereby Operators who could install abatement plant do so, and the cost is shared with those could not install such abatement equipment. Defra recognised this as the most equitable way of achieving the target, whilst the cost or “burden” is shared by the entire sector.

CAMEO was created in 2006 as the lead organisation, providing and managing a national burden sharing scheme.

Details of the burden sharing scheme are set out in the Articles of Association and Scheme Rules.

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Megan Williams
CAMEO Administrator