The 2016/17 trading scheme has now started, you should have received your CAMEO Participation Packs by now. If you have not received a pack please contact us and let us know.

CAMEO would like to apologise for the delay in payments to abated participants.  Before we are able to redistribute money to authorities that have abated we must first ensure that all income has been received.  Due to the slow payment of some participants the waiting time for redistribution has had to be extended.

The Environmental Surcharge has been set at £53 for cremations taking place in 2016.

Report of the Directors and Financial Statements for period ending December 2015

Report of the Directors and Financial Statements for the period 22 October 2012 to 31 December 2013

FBCA Conference 2014 Presentation
FBCA Conference 2014 Presentation Notes

Trading has commenced! – Mar 2014

CAMEO Update – Nov 2013

Environmental Surcharge – Nov 2013

Presentation to the Cremation and Burial Conference and Exhibition – 1 July 2013

Conference Presentation – June 2013

Compliance Certificate update 2013

Environmental Surcharge Note – Jan 2013

Oct 2012 – Based on the latest scheme membership statistics an example of trading costs, incomes and administration fee are set out on the attached. Depending upon the number of participants in the trading process this figure could go up or down.

CAMEO the Company was incorporated on the 22nd October 2012. The Directors are Rick Powell and Harvey Thomas. The 2 Members are the Cremation Society, represented by Harvey Thomas and Roger Arber, and the Federation, represented by Rick Powell, Gordon Hull and Steve Gant.

The Directors have agreed to meet on the 1st November 2012 to discuss the next steps with the Company, the progress with the pilot process and any other matters relating to the company.

Company Details – Oct 2012

Questionnaire to members – July 2012

cameo consultation

CAMEO was created in 2006 as the lead organisation, providing and managing a national burden sharing scheme.

Details of the proposed burden sharing scheme are set out in the Articles of Association and Scheme Rules, which can be downloaded from the website. The Steering Group is seeking yours views and comments about the proposals, so please take this opportunity to shape the scheme.

Comments need to be received no later than the 27th July 2012.

CAMEO scheme clarification – 4th July 2012


A number of questions have recently arisen relating to the ongoing development and implementation of the CAMEO scheme. Having been advised by Defra of the issues raised the following information is published for clarification.

1.             Late Joining Fee

The CAMEO Steering Group decided to introduce a £1,000 fee, to be applied to new members of the burden sharing scheme. The surcharge relates to those operators who having failed to support the development of CAMEO financially, but intend to join when burden sharing commences to gain an income from the scheme, are required to make an equivalent contribution. Clearly they are not compelled to join CAMEO and may indeed enter into their own burden sharing arrangements outside of the scheme.

2.             Non compliance with the schedule to the Ministerial Direction 2010

CAMEO recognises that the only circumstances where legal proceedings can be taken are if an operator were to act in contravention of the conditions in their operating permit, which could ultimately lead to the operating incurring very substantial penalties.

3.             Registration of Independent Schemes and issue of Compliance Certificates

CAMEO is in the process of becoming a not for profit company and the Articles of Association and Scheme Rules are currently out to consultation with the sector. Whilst it is a not for profit company it does incur operating costs.  These will be met through the imposition of modest fees on a cost recovery basis to pay for the administration associated with registering Independent Schemes and the issuing of Compliance Certificates.

Please contact us if you require any further information or clarification.

Presentation to the International Cremation Conference – 2nd July 2012