Scheme benefits

CAMEO is a non profit-making organisation dedicated to the benefits of members. The range of benefits from supporting CAMEO include:

1. Self Management

The mercury abatement initiative introduced by DEFRA is in response to the increasing recognition of the need to protect the environment. It is therefore likely that further Guidance Notes will follow in the coming years in relation to other pollutants. The process and relationship can either be one of command and control”, DEFRA determining precisely how the industry is to perform and issuing instructions. Alternatively, the relationship between the industry and DEFRA can be one of co-operation, more flexible requirements being set by DEFRA confident in the knowledge that industry will deliver the required results.

The continuing success of CAMEO clearly demonstrates to DEFRA that the industry is mature enough to operate collectively and responsibly to meet the targets they set, negating the need for a “command and control” culture. An approach which will benefit the industry in its future dealings with DEFRA.

2. Flexible – no closures

The primary purpose of CAMEO has always been to provide those cremation authorities that are unable to install abatement plant with an alternative to closure, thus ensuring local communities are able to retain this important service.  CAMEO provides this flexibility, enabling such cremation authorities to remain open through supporting those that abate through burden sharing.

In addition, through burden sharing, authorities that install abatement plant are able to receive an ongoing income stream from those authorities that do not install plant.

Furthermore, CAMEO is able to provide abated cremations to those authorities that may fall short of their 50% target through a decline in cremations, servicing or the inability to have their abatement plant installed by 2013.

3. Nationally agreed costs – nationally agreed payments

CAMEO as the only nationally recognised burden sharing scheme is able to provide your authority with nationally agreed costs for abated cremations and a nationally agreed income from trading them. A more practical solution than individual crematoria endeavouring to negotiate with individual crematoria where both costs and income may alter from site to site.

4. Accredited burden sharing schemes

In accordance with AQ10(07), any other burden sharing schemes that develop are to be registered with CAMEO, enabling common service standards and operating practices to be developed across the industry.

5. Sharing information

CAMEO acts as a conduit for sharing information on all matters relating to the abatement of mercury. Not only to cremation authorities, but also related organisations including funeral directors so they are better placed to advise the bereaved.

6. A united approach

CAMEO is the only organisation made up of representatives from a number of industry organisations. Ensuring that its views reflect an industry rather than individual organisation. An approach much talked about but rarely achieved and welcomed by government.