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Minutes of the CAMEO Steering Group – 3 March 2011

PG5/2(11) Note under Consultation (consultation period 11 July to 5 September 2011)

Process Guidance Note PG5/2(11): Crematoria, is subject to final consultation by Defra following the drafting and consultation stages undertaken by the Local Authority Unit on behalf of Defra.

List of consultees for PG5/2(11)

Secretary of State’s Guidance: General Guidance Manual on Policy and Procedures for A2 and B Installations (2011) Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (May 2011)

This Manual is the principal guidance issued by the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and Welsh Ministers on the operation of the following pollution control regimes regulated by local authorities:

  • Local Authority Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (LA-IPPC), which covers what are known as A2 installations
  • Local Authority Pollution Prevention and Control (LAPPC), which covers what are known as Part B installations.

Statement from the Department of the Department for Food, Farming and Environment (28 AUG)

“As you will be aware Defra is monitoring the progress of the sector towards attaining the target of 50% abated cremations by the end of 2012 (In accordance with AQ9(06) [revised calculation for burden sharing]  208,737 cremations represents 50% of the UK’s annual total cremations).  The latest manufacturer’s data shows that installations plus commitment to install equipment with contracts in place represents approximately 82% of the end-2012 requirement.

The data shows that much progress has been made, but still not enough to comply by the 2012 target, especially since (as at August 2010), only a little over 2 years are left to secure the remaining financial commitments, and to turn all commitments into operational abated cremators.  All members ought by now to have firm compliance plans, and where commitments have been made should be taking urgent steps to place orders with cremator manufacturers.”

The Environmental Protection (England) (Crematoria Mercury Emissions Burden Sharing Certification) Direction 2010 (28 MAY)

A direction to local authority regulators to add further permit conditions in order to reinforce the reporting of action being taken in installing abatement equipment or making arrangements to ‘burden share’ instead of upgrading.

Letter to Local Authority Chief Executives from Jim Fitzpatrick MP, Minister of State for Food, Farming and Environment

Minutes of the CAMEO Steeing Group – 3 March 2010 (10 MAY)

The 2010 CAMEO Master Class focussing on the procurement of abatement plant Thursday, 3rd June 2010  at the Holiday Inn, Stratford upon Avon (23 APR)

The 2010 CAMEO master class is an event aimed at all those involved with operating and procuring abatement plant. It marks the point at which Cremation Authorities must implement their procurement strategy if they are to install abatement plant prior to the 2013 deadline, or consider burden sharing until it is installed.

The 2010 master class brings together an unparalleled range of speakers, each an expert within their particular field and responsible for shaping this unfolding story.

Download Flyer and Application Form

LAPPC and LA-IPPC Fees and Charges Schemes for 2010/11 (4 MAR)

The  LAPPC and LA-IPPC Fees and Charges Schemes for 2010/11 which will come into force in April are now on-line (see link below).


(You may have to refresh page to get the latest screen. The package can be found towards the bottom of the page under the heading 2010 schemes)

The package comprises of,

–       a notification letter giving an overview of the changes

–       summary of the 2010/11 Scheme in tabular format, and

–       the 2010/11 LAPPC and LA-IPPC charging schemes in full.

Please note that the schemes come into force on 7 April this year, the day after the revised Environmental Permitting Regulations come into force.

Minutes of the CAMEO Steeing Group – 9 December 2009 (3 MAR)